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The village and the bay of Milna are 4 km east of the town of Hvar. There are 2 pebble beaches and a picturesque pine forest with agave trees and vineyards. Along the bay there are two more bays also with pine forest - "Malo Borce" and Veliko Milce is one of the oldest excursion places in the town of Hvar, founded since the beginning of tourism in Hvar. The relaxation of rural nature is confirmed by an old villa from the 17th century built by the old noble Hvar family Ivanid.
There are several restaurants in Milna. Transport by boat from the port of Hvar is organized, and it is possible to arrive by car or on foot.

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21450, Hvar


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My family and I really enjoyed having a picnic by the beach. The view was spectacular. I really enjoyed kite surfing as my kids played by the beach.
very good!!!
We had the opportunity of visiting the place with my fiance and rented a boat. It was fun just the two of us and a guide that led us through the sea as we stared at the sunset. One of the romantic moments i had with her.
Playing at the boardwalks was interesting. The Milna beach with clear water and gentle topography cannot disappoint. Excellent.
Walking through, laying, or taking pictures along the beach was worthwhile due to the beautiful vegetation that spread along the extensive area. I will be visiting again soon.
We toured the beach with my friends and had the best time on the sea with some amazing activities that we did. We hired the paddle and went paddling at the on some afternoon hours. We had fun at the sea.
I had an awesome time with the paddle board at the sea and enjoyed the view and the cool breeze and the experience was unmatched.
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