Banj beach


Pebble beach located on the north side of the bay Stari Grad, is suitable for small children and suitable for people with disabilities. Nearby you can find restaurants, and you can also rent deck chairs for relaxing and sunbathing on the beach.
On the south side of the bay Stari Grad there is no less beautiful beach Lanterna with a pebble beach that has stairs to enter the sea. You can also find after-shower refreshment showers and a changing room here.

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public beach


Island of Hvar

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21450, Hvar


(7 reviews)
very good!!!
I enjoyed the proximity the beach has from town center. Very convenient.
Banj beach is so wide. It was great engaging in beach sports. I played fresbee games with my friends. It was great.
What I will not forget is the kayaking and swimming in the sea. My feelings were highly ignited. Wonderful.
The beaches were clean and peaceful and we had an amazing time swimming at the crystal clear waters of the sea. Unforgettable experience.
Wonderful sights from this place, i loved the waters and cold breeze that blew during the day and night.
This is an ancient city beach. Showers and plenty of parking are close to the beach.I specifically loved views of the ancient town.
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