This small charming place - Buje is a beautiful destination where you can experience authentic Istrian life. Located at an altitude of 222 m, Buje overlooks some of the most fertile fields in Istria and rich vineyards. A walk along the promenade outside the walls of Buje is crucial in directly enjoying the benefits of this area. The Romans called Buje Bulle, but its strategic location overlooking the road between Pula and Trieste eventually led to its nickname, "Guardian of Istria". The architecture of the city of Buje seems to defy time, so today the preserved building from ancient times is visible. The stone and solid walls of the town of Buje were restored from the 15th to the 17th century and on them you can see a striking medieval tower, and the surrounding churches give this place a special charm and desire to return to it every time. If you want to take a bath and enjoy the sun, you will need about 15 minutes by car to the beach of St. John in nearby Krizhine.

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