The charming little town of Brtonigla is located in the northwestern part of Istria between Buje and the town of Novigrad, near the border with Slovenia. Brtonigla was first mentioned back in 1234, with the ancient name Ortoneglo or Hortus Niger, i.e. the Black Ground Garden. In the 11th century, the area was settled by the Venetians, and only in the 16th and 17th centuries did Dalmatian families settle. After the First World War, the village was appropriated to Italian territory and remained so until the Second World War, when most Italians left it. Thus, since 1991, Brtonigla has become a part of the Istrian County in the Republic of Croatia. Walking around this beautiful city you will come across the Church of San Zenone - a parish church dedicated to Saint Zenone, the Bishop of Verona and the current patron saint of the city.
Today, Brtonigla is known for its top winemakers, olive growers and excellent gastronomic offer, because you can try Boshkarin meat (indigenous Istrian cattle), forest asparagus and mushrooms from the nearby forest and other specialties that you will not find on the menus of coastal towns.

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My friends and i had a great time enjoying the wine tasting experience here. The wineries have exotic sparkling wine with enchanting aroma. We took some home with us.
I loved the striking sites in Brtonigla with beautiful rock formations and to know it is a good place for family to visit.
We found it extraordinary that there caves in Brtonigla where wine is aging. It is a fantastic place to be and enjoy deep tranquility
We were particularly impressed by food in Brtonigla now that they use home grown foodstuff. This makes this place set apart from other towns.
I had an unforgettable experience in Brtonigla as we enjoyed paragliding with stunning views of the Adriatic sea. The thrill is worth doing again.
very good!!!