The area of ​​Lovrechica was inhabited as early as Roman times, as evidenced by the remains of a patrician villa with the remains of mosaics, inscriptions, graves and an ancient cistern. According to some evidence, there was a tower in Lovrečica in the 15th century, but today unfortunately there is no trace of it. Lovrechica was named after its patron saint, St. Lawrence, who is one of the most famous Christian saints and martyrs. The beautiful astronomical phenomenon of Perseids, which adorns the sky every year at the time of his commemoration, in August, also bears his name - the tears of St. Lawrence.

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very good!!!
I tried some sweet amazing wine at the vineyard we visited and even got to goo with the bottle to later purchase the drink at the retail shop. It was awesome and would recomend it to wine lovers.
We went flying above the sea with my friends and family and the feeling is unforgettable. Nice views and the thrill is just great.
Magnificent sea and the beach is clean which is kids friendly that allowed our kids to have fun and swim at the sea on the warm temperatures. Unforgettable moments.
Tasty and delicious food at the different resturants that we visited and the freshly cooked seafood was the best of the meals i had. I would recommend to visit the place and enjoy the sweet food.
Great time at the glassboat on a cruise across the sea that led us to seeing the marine environment quite good and had some good time out at the sea. Would love to do it again and again.