Karigador is a small place located in beautiful Istria. The village has its own public beach with houses of friendly locals and a small dock primarily used by fishermen, but during the summer there are Karigad nights - a small festival by the sea, where you can enjoy fish specialties, Istrian wines and Mediterranean atmosphere. Not far from Karigador, camps begin that offer a variety of activities, bars and restaurants where you can find refreshments and try local food, and beautiful landscapes that everyone can visit.

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We joined the locals for the Korigad night which is a festival by the sea, I enjoyed the fish specialities and the delicious Istrian wines provided . We engaged in a variety of activities in the camp near the village and later relaxed at the restaurant to try some local foods. The landscapes are beautiful and it's view is magnificent.
I loved visiting this village that has its own public and generous locals. I experienced the breathtaking atmosphere and delectable istrian cuisine, wines and the amazing nightlife.
This is the perfect town to cycle around it. I visited this place during the Karigad nights. It was an event that I would not have missed. The people were really friendly. I learnt a lot about their cultural heritage.
We visited the best restaurant in the place and got served some fine delicacies. We enjoyed the seafood that was well prepared and the exquisite services offered at the place. The views of the place were beautiful and the nights at the clubs and bars were superb
I enjoyed the fish dishes and the cool nights in this place. The beautiful gardens and landscapes were refreshing sites.
very good!!!