Radini is a village in the Republic of Croatia, part of the Municipality of Brtonigla in Istria County, halfway between the towns of Umag and Novigrad. Kochi (Shkrabarija).At the beginning of summer, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes traditionally takes place in the center of Radini, which gathers a large number of visitors every year. As part of this event, a traditional bicycle race is organized every year, followed by evening entertainment. The proximity of major Istrian towns allows you to easily reach the beach, see the historic centers of coastal towns and enjoy gastronomic and cultural facilities and attractions.

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We joined the locals and the visitors in the Feast OF Our Lady of Lourdes and i loved the interaction i had with different from different walks of life. I also loved and appreciated how the locals have preserved their traditions through this feast that comes at the beginning of summer.I especially loved the evening entertainment, the lively aura of the music playing in the air left me dancing to the refreshing beats of breathtaking music.
I came to this place in time to watch the annual cycling event. It was crowned by traditional dances and delicious local foods. I enjoyed the sweet local wine and at the end of the day I was dead tired but happy.
An exhilarating experience is how best I can term my visit, I visited during the summer and had the chance to enjoy one of the local traditional fest coupled with a bike race and some evening entertainment. The Locals are friendly people, the best thing about this place is its strategic location that make it easy for one to visit the beach and some of the historical sites near the place.
very good!!!