Fiorini is a village in the Republic of Croatia, part of the Municipality of Brtonigla, Istria County. Fiorini is located halfway between Umag and Novograd, and is approximately 8 km away from Novigrad. It is a quiet place where you can find suitable accommodation and enjoy a peaceful vacation. The proximity of major Istrian towns allows you to easily reach the beach, explore the historic centers of coastal towns and enjoy gastronomic and cultural facilities and attractions.

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Its proximity to major Istrian towns enabled us to explore the cultural facilities and attractions located in Istria. We found suitable accommodation here, the rooms were affordable, spacious and clean for us to spend 5 days. A quiet place to refresh and relax the mind, body and soul.
For a peaceful vacation, I rented an apartment in the countryside. It was beautiful and cozy. The attendants were ready to serve me any time. I enjoyed watching movies and reading while at this place. I ordered for food from the the tarven and enjoyed delicious local dishes. I enjoyed my alone time here.
I found the village a wonderful place to visit. The different experiences offered in this place make it an interesting visit. I found it a peaceful destination to go and relax and clear one's mind and just get back to their normal lives energised. From the different delicacies served to the accommodations and beaches, this place is just an attractive destination for all to visit.
very good!!!