The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the ruins of the fortress wall of the neighboring ancient castle Krog. Triban and its neighboring village Bibali date back to the 15th century after Slavic migrations from the Balkans attacked by the Turks. The beautiful small chapel of St. George within the cemetery walls was built on the foundations of the original 17th century temple, and was consecrated by Bishop Marino Bozzatini in 1758. Today, surrounded by lush greenery, it resembles a place from a fairy tale. Typical grandstand houses made of beautiful white stone with film balconies and an external staircase display preserved traditional architecture.

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My kids enjoyed climbing the stairs in the external staircase of the grandstand houses that give a beautiful of the surroundings. I loved the display of the traditional architecture depicted by the grandstand houses made of white gorgeous stones. It is worth to take a photo at the ruins of the fortress that date to the 15th century.
The ruins of the ancient fortress were still visible at this place. We were amazed by how big and beautiful it was once. The castle standing beside the ruins was beautiful and well maintained. It was a clear sign of the rich cultural heritage of this place.
A place for history enthusiasts and people who love nature. I found it a beautiful place to visit and get a chance to appreciate a time that had passed. The ruins in this area are connection to the past, the small chapel located here stands so beautifully and is a wonderful sight to behold. It gives you a chance to appreciate even traditional architecture, a nice place to visit.
very good!!!