Saint John of Stern


Saint John of Stern is a village not far from Sveti Lovrech in Istria, near which is the former representative castle of the Polesini family. The first part was named after the parish church while the second part was named after the water source from which, in the past, the water was taken to a cistern. The settlement belongs to the Municipality of Vishnjan, and according to the 2011 census, it had only 17 inhabitants. In 1102, St. John of Stern was first mentioned in a deed of gift of Margrave Urlich II, in which the village donated the Cistern to the Church of Aquileia.
Among the other owners of St. John of Stern, the Venetian Apollonio family is also mentioned. The Polesini noble family is building a castle with a park and surrounding Palladian-style buildings on a hill near the settlement, where an older castle once stood. The castle seems to have been built according to designs made by Andrea Palladio himself, a famous Renaissance architect.

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