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Allegedly abandoned after the Second World War, this village completely built of natural stone is a good example of a traditional Croatian village in which there was no urbanization. The village is small, but it can certainly be considered an open-air museum of rural architecture. It is currently deserted and does not offer tourist attractions, but if you are a fan of history and the atmosphere of antiquity, ride a bike along the picturesque hill next to the village. Probably in the future, this place will come to life again, a good asphalt road has already been built to it. The hill hides many mysteries. It was probably inhabited before Christ, and at the top was a temple. This is evidenced by huge carved boulders, more than a meter in diameter on each side. They can be seen during walks on forest trails. In later times, the building was dismantled and part of the stones were taken away to build the buildings you can see today. There is no exact description of this place and its history in the available sources.

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