This small town above the river Mirna, near Motovun, is hidden from many tourist visits and has retained its private charm which you will recognize as soon as you arrive. The meadows are characterized by a rare and expensive mushroom called white truffle, which you can try to find yourself in the nearby Motovun forest with experienced guides and search dogs. Namely, when it comes to truffles, one of the largest truffles ever harvested in the world, weighing about 1.31 kg, grew right here in the nearby Motovun forest. It was found by the local caterer Giancarlo Zigante and his dog Diana on November 2, 1999, not far from Buje, and was included in the famous Guinness Book of Records as the largest truffle ever found in the world. they try themselves in search of this delicacy.
Cyclists also like to pass through this Meadows, as soon as the settlement with the old buildings is finished, a beautiful pine forest begins uphill to the observation platform for the whole valley. The road has been paved with ancient stone since Roman times. If you walk there, you can see whole stone paved cascades, small waterfalls and the ruins of entire villages abandoned in the 20th century.

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