Oprtalj is a charming and picturesque town located in fairytale Istria on top of a hill above the river Mirna, opposite Motovun. It was first mentioned back in 1102 as the residence of various feudal lords. It has historically been called the “City of 72 Man of Letters” by locals and from nearby Buje and Motovun.

In the past, Oprtalj was favorably connected to Trieste and Porech by an old railway called "Parenzana". It was a 123-kilometer-long railway between Trieste and Porech, which was in operation from 1902 to 1935. Parenzana had a total of 35 stations and was built with the aim of developing the continental part of Istria.

Today in Oprtalj you can experience the autochthonous Istrian life. The medieval design of the city is what makes it recognizable for this area. Surrounded by nature, Oprtalj is a great place for outdoor activities, especially if you like to explore places while walking or cycling. You can find a holiday in one of the local taverns or farms where the local gastronomic delights will delight you.

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We had a relaxed vibe as we strolled through Oprtalj to the edge of the town. There are still structures of defense from old times that gave a very relaxed tranquil charm.
very good!!!
As we stayed in Oprtalj for a week, we found it to be beautiful with a Venetian touch and good views. The apartments here have good designs and finishings. We fell in love with this vibrant town.
Oprtajl is such a fantastic place. I fondly remember the visits I had to the peaceful churches in Oprtalj during my vacation. The played music was relaxing and cooling.
The clear skies and panoramic sea views in Oprtalj make it a beautiful place for a magical sunset view. We loved the bars and restaurants for they are spot on.
My family had fun as we swam in the cute pools of Oprtalj and enjoyed scenic views as we basked on the sides. Swimming here was magical in the grand pools.