The Motovun forest


The Motovun forest stretches along the valley of the river Mirna, all the way from Istarske toplice to the small village of Livada and the valley of the beautiful river Botonega. Namely, it is a symbol of the last preserved Mediterranean indigenous forest in which you will find pedunculate oak, field ash and elm. Also in The Motovun forests, known for their truffles, its visitors can embark on an adventure of searching for an expensive and unique white truffle, accompanied by experienced guides and trained search dogs. It is a very fun and exciting tourist activity that will become an unforgettable experience, and if you are lucky and find this rare delicacy, you are free to take it with you and enjoy gourmet delicacies.

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very good!!!
We went on an adventurous walk at the forest and loved the refreshing cool air. The guides were amazing and we had alot of fun
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