Vizhinada is a beautiful place that will amaze you with its appearance and atmosphere and is located in western Istria. According to records, Vizhinada is about a thousand years old. The ascent is experienced after it was inhabited by the inhabitants of the former Ruzhar, a castle about 2 km from Vižinada from prehistoric times. It is assumed that the place was inhabited until the beginning of the 15th century when its inhabitants moved to today's Vizhinada. Its streets eagerly await every traveler, offering history and curiosities that few towns can boast of. A street named Carlotte Grisi, a famous ballerina of the 19th century, will testify to her birth and the first steps danced in Vizhinada with a light rhythm. Its square, on which is an old cistern with two wells, is proud of the Venetian coat of arms and the old warehouse behind it, which keeps a stone-carved Winged Lion and a plate with carved taxes from the ancient port of Bastija, which speaks of some ancient times.
You can witness one of the most beautiful views of Green and Blue Istria from the hill that rises above the valley of Mirna.

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This place is on a hill. I enjoyed the beautiful view of the town from the hill. I went hiking and enjoyed long strolls to the market for fresh supplies of vegetables.
The atmosphere here was wonderful just to sit and watch, the skies were clear and the breeze was cool. The old buildings were such an amazing sight, there was also a stone carved winged lion which was very beautiful. I loved it.
The view of Blue and Green Istria from the hills is magnificent. I was honored to stay at the Vizhinada square which has an Old warehouse. I had seen warehouses in movies but on my trip here i got the chance to face reality.
We walked along the streets of this place in the evenings and we were happy to enjoy the peacefulness and calmness witnessed here. Of interest was the historical sights that our eyes behold during our walk. This place is a must see for every visitor.
The authenticity and location of this town was epic. The view of the city from the neighbouring hill cannot be described in words. When I visited this town I got to see the Venetian Coat of arms. It was a spectacular moment.
The uniqueness and originality of this town can be seen through its buildings. This town is approximately a century old. It is popular because of the castle of Ruzhar. I enjoyed cycling on the streets of this town as I admired its beauty.
The castle in this location is believed to be inhabited in the 15th century. I loved touring this location and learning about its ancient inhabitants from Ruzhar. I got to experience the intricate Istrian culture and will visit again with my husband.