Five kilometers from Buje towards Pula is the settlement of Krasica with the nearby hamlets of Gardoshi, Baredine, Lozari, Punta and some even smaller ones. The nearby hills are the seat of old prehistoric forts, and from the findings from Roman times it is obvious that there were large fortresses here such as the Gradina, located along a route of great importance - via Flavia.Inscriptions, objects and coins, a bronze votive statuette of the goddess Fortune, built marble, fragments of pillars are stored in the museums of Trieste, Pula and Porech or built into the outer side wall of the parish church in Buje. Parish Church of St. Stjepana from 1499 is located in front of the cemetery.

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We toured the museum, i loved how well organized the exhibitions in display were. They were also well tagged and explained in a language that anyone could understand. Inscriptions, objects and coins, a bronze Votive statuette of the goddess Fortune are some of the items to have a look at in the museum.
I loved the unspoiled pebble beaches. We played beach games like volleyball and tennis ball. The fresh air and cool breeze from the sea was amazing. Sunbathing was my best of all.
A place rich in prehistoric structures, the most attractive being forts located in the nearby hills. In addition to this I found the tour of the museum of Trieste located here interesting. Overall a nice experience, worth visiting.
very good!!!