Momjan is located in the northwestern part of Istria near Buje. The road that leads you from Buje to Momjan passes through a beautiful picturesque landscape and small hills. People have been living in Momjan since prehistoric times, which we know because the remains of flint and stone tools were found in the Cingareli cave. The ancient Romans also lived there, followed by Italian and German nobles. At the beginning of the 20th century, Momjan officially became a small town, and then its story as a hidden pearl of Istrian tourism began.
On the way you will come across very beautiful stone country houses in which wine of the autochthonous Croatian variety - Kabola is produced. Momjan is known for its Momjan Castle and excellent winemakers. For all lovers of oenology (science that has gathered all the knowledge about wine known to mankind), and for those who want to enjoy the beautiful views of hilly Istria and a glass of local wine accompanied by excellent gastronomy, Momjan is a town not to be missed on your trip!

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very good!!!
I got some gifts for my daughter from the gift shop here and they were amazing gifts that she liked them so much.
We had the chance to visit some different vineyards and we were able to see how traditionally wine was made and even got the chance for wine tasting and sampling.
The history of this place dates back to the early years and we had the opportunity to visit the historic site and get some of these.
The architectural setting of the place is wondeful with the excistence of the beautiful churches and the cathedralsa and we had the time for a spiritual moment.
I organized for a mountain bike hire for us to go on a ride along the trail and across the town and it was fun and adventurous.