Skarline Nature Park


Between Brtonigla and Nova Vas there is a place of unique beauty, Shkarlina Nature Park. On its course towards the river Mirna, into which it flows a few kilometers south, the stream created a lush green canyon, unique in the Istrian area.
A macadam path from the village of Nova Vas near Brtonigla leads to Shkarlin, about two kilometers long. The road winds along our vineyards and, in dry weather, you can overcome it by car. You can reach the park by another route, directly from Brtonigla.
At the entrance to the park, the canyon is not immediately visible, but you will be greeted by a gentle, spacious landscape with meadows, two lakes and a bridge. There are also several benches and water taps, so this harmonious area is a great place to relax, have a picnic and play with children.
If you want to walk through the green canyon and follow the stream all the way to the mouth of the Mirna, you should cross the bridge and carefully descend the steep cliffs along the lake. If you are unsure where to go, follow the noise of the creek. Entering the canyon, you will step into a new world, with a waterfall and a clear water course that for the next few kilometers winds towards Mirna through a lush, shady forest. You will be surprised by the freshness of the air - the locals say that Škarline is an ideal refuge from the summer heat

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