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The first mention of Tar is in 983, and the parish of St. Martin is mentioned in 1177 in one privilege. The church has a stone Italian inscription on the gable that testifies to the visit of Pope Pius VII. 1800. As part of the celebration of St. Martin, the patron saint of Tara, the Feast of St. Martin was solemnly placed at the side entrance of the church of the saint of the same name in Tara. Namely, this rate is a symbol and incentive for hiking, socializing with nature and people, exchanging ideas and communication and bringing locals and fellow citizens closer into one whole. Step by step, a network of roads is being created that today connects many European places and cities with the tradition of worshiping this saint. Furthermore, prone to this, the municipality of Tar-Vabriga has entered the company of many European cities where the rate is set- from Canterbury in the south of the UK, the westernmost is in Ourense, Spain, the southernmost in Rome, and the easternmost in Bratislava.

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