Tar is town situated north of Porech in Istria. It is located at an altitude of 112 meters above sea level, and from its bell tower on a clear and sunny day you can even see the bell tower of St. Mark in Venice. There is an inscription on the church reminiscent of Pope Pius VII in Tar in 1800 when he traveled from Venice to Pesaro and was forced to interrupt his journey due to strong winds.He stopped near Tar and visited this city.There is an old palace in Tar that could soon be restructured and add historical beauty to this city. There used to be rich estates here, with beautiful stone arches at the entrance, stone Venetian wells, which over time were occupied by ordinary inhabitants, but traces of luxury can still be seen if you walk through the city. On its edge is a park with century-old pine trees.Today, the proximity of Tar with the Lanterna complex allows you to relax with the ultimate comfort you are looking for.In Tar you can find everything you need - supermarkets, a pharmacy, a bakery and specialized shops where you can find Istrian delicacies, and it is also known for its top quality olive oils.

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I really enjoyed myself in this town. All the adventures plus the mouthwatering seafood cuisines made my stay memorable. The whole trip was worth every penny.
We had a memorable trip to this town. I loved the karting experience where I and the kids went riding the ATV bikes. It was nice cruising around as we enjoyed the charming surroundings. This town was worth the visit.
The amount of adrenaline rush activities in this town is just staggering. But I enjoyed the zipline experience the most. My girlfriend was scared at first but after the ist jump and seeing the scenic views, she couldn't help herself. We shall be back.
This town has a lot of children's games to enjoy. My kids loved kart racing and paintballing. The equipment was very new and the settings very terrific. My children loved this town.
My buddies and I had an incredible time in this town. I recall vividly the winetasting experience which was so good. The wineries allowed us to enjoy the drinks at very good prices. It was a joyous trip!
The ancient architectural design of this town was stunning. The buildings had a different kind of style. I loved visiting it bell towers. They were so beautiful. I took several photos so as to cherish the moments I spent in this town.
Tar town gave us a lifetime experience when we visited with my girlfriends. Lots of places to visit. But our favorites were the local shops that sold beautiful souvenirs and delicious olive oils. They even allowed us to taste first!