Cervar Porat


The Istrian tourist destination Chervar-Porat is located in a bay not far from Porech. During the Homeland War, the settlement was partly used for temporary accommodation of displaced persons and refugees, and in recent times, when locals began to return, it is increasingly profiled as a permanent settlement.The place is easily accessible from the sea as well as by car. A large coastal road passes nearby, and hiking and cycling trails will take you to the most beautiful places in the area. This small town is primarily known for its modern holiday complex and is a perfect destination for those guests seeking peace. The area around Chervar-Porat is ideal for long walks or cycling through numerous olive groves and forests

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Cervar Porat
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Cervar Porat
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Cervar Porat
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Cervar Porat
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(11 reviews)
Nature offers a great deal of peace and some amazing places that are enjoyable. We enjoyed the hike at the forest with the help of the guide as it was fabulous and a success. The refreshing feeling at the hike through the forest was superb with lovely outcome to it.
I loved all sorts of games. I came to this place where I participated in football and volleyball. I enjoyed running and cycling. The weather was cool thus conducive for this kind of game.
I went for an adventurous cycling along the trails of the area leading me to the beautiful forest. The restaurants had a beautiful living area with an open kitchen, dining area where we dined with my family in front of the TV. We stayed on the terrace during the sunny afternoons, the atmosphere was refreshing.
My friends and i visited this beautiful small town and we had a fantastic experience. We had a restful and peaceful stay from the normal life. While here, ewe went hiking through the forests and olive groves for an ultimate experience.
Fantastic place with awesome landscape that is fascinating. We went for hiking with my friends on the trail and it was worth the walk. The weather at the place is great with cool breeze and great vegetation. We enjoyed our visit to the place.
This place is really beautiful. I loved its cycling and hiking trails. While hiking one could have a wonderful glimpse of the sea and the sunset view was wonderful. Boat riding in the evening was magical. Seeing the city all lit up was amazing. I loved it.
I came to this peaceful town to unwind after losing my parents. I was able to hike and cycle in the evening. A cool place to relax.