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Queenburger Fast Food


Queenburger Fast Food is a famous place for fast food in the Istrian tourist town of Cervar Porat, not far from Porec. The menu includes the most popular fast food classics such as grilled dishes, burgers, various sandwiches, fried chicken, and side dishes such as french fries, hot and cold salads, etc. Prices are affordable, portions are plentiful and the staff is friendly and fast. The small terrace in front of the restaurant is ideal for a refreshing drink such as juice, cocktails or delicious creamy coffee. If you want to spend a carefree day on the beach, Queenburger Fast Food is a great place for a quick lunch!

№1 in 1 Fast food from Cervar Porat
№1340 in 1804 Fast food from Croatia
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Fast food


Cervar Porat


Fast Food


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Gradina 7, 52449, Červar-porat


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very good!!!