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Until a few years ago, the beach was little known and only locals came to it. Now it is a popular and beautiful pebble beach with a cafe and a toilet, recreation area and parking. On the beach, you can rent deck chairs, as well as equipment for water recreation (SUP, kayak and jet ski). The beach is an interesting place for diving, because in its eastern part there is a rare species of noble pen shell, which sometimes reaches a size of up to half a meter and lives only in clear water. Noble pen shell is a protected species, so you must not touch it and take it out of the water, you can get a big penalty for that. Still, you will surely enjoy diving above them and seeing them in their natural habitat

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I loved the cozy beach and the warm friendly weather here. The view of the sunset from the hotel balcony was also something else. I loved it and while definitely come back.
The best part about visiting this particular beach is the fact that there are recreational areas and one does not necessarily need to just be in the water. I also noticed that there was a specific area for diving and a rare species of noble pen shell. Water recreation equipment for kayaking and jet skiing are also available for renting. There is a cafe for when you want something to eat or drink and of course the toilet/changing area. It is less crowded so i think i just found the perfect holiday destination!
My friends and i rented some equipment and enjoyed Kayaking and Stand Up paddleboarding in the clear sea. We also enjoyed diving and discovered the rare protected specie called Noble Pen. So you should not touch it or take it out of the water if you spot it or you'd get a big penalty for that.
The clean waters of this place was arousing. I enjoyed surfing, it made my weekend getaway experience interesting. Unforgettable times.
Kayaks and jet skis are up for rents as we enjoyed the sweet sea breeze and had fun. We also rented the chairs and relaxed ourselves with the time spent at the pebble beach with toilets available as well as parking spots. We had a remarkable time with my friends as we enjoyed swimming and the unique species made it more exciting.
very good!!!
The beach had shops to buy hats and other beach accessories, the weather was romantic my wife and i had a wonferful time bonding
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