Solaris Beach


Solaris Beach is located in beautiful Istria along a small bay. The beach is pebbly with stone parts, very spacious and well arranged. It is very popular during the summer, so you will often find crowds here . There is also a camp nearby where you will find all the necessary facilities and facilities.

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The beach was a bit overcrowded when I visited but that’s because of how beautiful is. The pebbles around make the place look really nice and the water is clean and clear for swimming.
I loved how the place was neat and spacious even with a lot of people you'll still have enough space to enjoy your moment. The restaurant at the near camp also provided some nice delicacies with good services.
This place is like paradise especially for those who love diving. The beach is so beautiful and spacious and there are many people here mostly during summer. The beach also has a camp with all facilities. I loved it.
very good!!!
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