Hawaii Beach


Approximately 1 km west of Chervar Porat, located in a secluded area, you will find the beautiful beach of Hawaii. This natural, rocky and pebble beach has slightly sloping shores and is therefore popular among families with children. A fast food restaurant with a connecting beach bar provides refreshments for bathers. In addition to renting deck chairs, there are also several car parks nearby. The beach is bordered by a dense pine forest whose shade welcomes you to cool off.

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Soline, 52440, Poreč


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Delicious meals were offered by the welcoming staff in the nearby restaurant. My kids on the other hand took different types of drinks as we took wine with my husband. It was fantastic.
My boyfriend suggested this place to me and having heard of the famous Hawaii i couldn't hold myself back. I loved how many couples had come here for their honeymoon. It's the love beach.
The slight sloppy shores of this pebble beach make it ideal for families with children. There is a natural shade provided by the pine trees next to the beach and the cool blue waters welcome you to swim. The cool breeze sweeps through the beach and gives a nice feeling of relaxation as you eat and drink at the restaurants and bars along the beach.
My family visited the natural rocky pebble beach and the children really enjoyed swimming in the clear waters. Then later on we enjoyed the picturesque historic town.
Our bucket list required us to jump from high rocks into the sea and Hawaii was the place.The adrenaline rush as we jumped while screaming out of our lungs was inexplicably good . We had a great bonding time.
The pine forest had a good shade and we loved the restaurants and beach bars that we visited which served great drinks and tasty meals. The rocky, pebble beach was the best destination for us and we enjoyed the swimming at the sea as other facilities such as deck chair and rooms were available for renting.
It is the most visited place due to its privacy and silent environment. My family and I were happy having fun in the nearby forest where we took many pictures. It was nice visiting this place.
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