St. George Fortress


The St. George Fortress is strategically located above the valley of the river Mirna and the Pišine port on the river. Today it is only a ruin, but its ramparts are well preserved. Here used to be a medieval town, which is today preserved only in the archaeological traces and ruins of the church of St. George. This place has probably been inhabited since prehistoric times. The owners of the castle changed frequently, especially after the attacks of the Venetians in the 13th century and the Genoese in the 14th century when the fort lost its political and military role.

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(7 reviews)
very good!!!
They did a wonderful job on the renovation, the place was restored like it was just built yesterday, everything was smart and well detailed and the fortress had such a fine design
We had breathtaking views of the beautiful landscape and the amazing restaurants around that offered quality services.
The path was well swept looked like no one even stepfoot there, i loved the tour guide really smart funny guy, the windows walls and ceiling were well designed.. that was a true fortress
The fortress is an imposing structure built on a hilltop. We took a cable car to the top and spent most of the day exploring the citadel. One of the highlights was climbing to the top tower for an impressive view of Herceg Novi.
Touring around the officialbuildings located within the fortress enabled me to learn more of how the ancient occupants operated.
The gates to the fortress were well preserved and designed, the tour guide and the people were jovial and the fortress was beautiful especially the walls and floor
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