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Capo olive oil


The native olive groves of the Capo family with a long tradition since 1998 are located in Brtonigla. The primary activity of this family farm is olive growing, ie the production of premium, award-winning extra virgin olive oil, but also wine. Their olive groves have 750 trees and contain various traditional varieties, namely: Leccino 40%, Buza 40%, Carbonaca 5%, Morazola 5%, Rosinjola 5%, Ascolana tenera 5%. Tasting their extra virgin olive oil, you will taste the true, indigenous taste of Istria, but also the spirit of the people who diligently produce it. You can buy and taste it on the family farm itself, which includes a tasting room and a small shop, and in specialized shops throughout Croatia.


№2 in 4 Olive oil from Brtonigla
№1397 in 1804 Olive oil from Croatia

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Olive oil



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Fernetići 60


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