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Kozlovic Winery


Kozlovic Winery is located in Momjan on the Istrian peninsula. The owners are the Kozlovic family, who put a lot of effort and love into their wine story. It is also a matter of tradition because this family has been engaged in viticulture for generations. Today, the Kozlovic family relies on tradition, but also on modern technological achievements. They pay special attention to the authentic Istrian varieties. Inside the winery, there are also multifunctional spaces for tastings, presentations and wine workshops. On the terrace, in addition to wine, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of the vineyards.

№2 in 2 Winery from Buje
№264 in 1804 Winery from Croatia

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Vale Momjan 78, 52460, Buje


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The view of this winery sets apart this winery making it picturesque.Inside the wine workshop there is a good presentation of wines and the room was spacious to accommodate the 10+ of us.
very good!!!
We were gladly welcomed by professional and friendly staff. The place is rich for fantastic wine offerings with a wide range of options to choose from. We loved the scenery as well as the ambiance at the winery.
WIne tasting was an exciting experience for us, we a had a variety to choose from. The white wine was the most half sweet wine i tasted, after buying enough wine they didn't charge for wine tasting. Will come back for more.
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