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Basiaco olive oil


OPG Basiaco was founded by Franco Basiaco back in 1996, and is located in Buje in the heart of Istria. The primary activity of this family farm is olive growing, ie the production of top-quality, award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Their native olive groves consist of 1,400 trees that yield about 17,000 kg, or 2,800 liters of oil per year. The only choice of the economy is the excellent Gocce d'oro oil, which looks beautiful with an intense yellow-gold color with warm green shades. This award-winning oil goes well with dishes such as grilled garden chicory, marinated tuna, vegetable soups, porcini mushrooms, red meat in tartar, and aged cheeses. You can buy and taste it on the family farm itself, which includes a tasting room and a small shop, but also in specialized shops throughout Croatia.


№1 in 10 Olive oil from Buje
№690 in 1804 Olive oil from Croatia

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Olive oil



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A. Manzoni 13-15


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