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Zigante olive oil


The Zigante family from Plovanija has a long tradition of olive oil production, which is obtained from olive groves of 3 hectares, with 700 trees that annually produce about 1000 liters of pure oil from the common brand Zigante. The family produces olive oils with aroma: porcini, black truffle, white truffle, rosemary, peperoncini, lemon, basil. The production of the oil itself is certified organic (without the addition of any pesticides), and cold pressing methods are used to preserve nutritional value and richness smell and taste. You can buy and taste their olive oils and products in specialized stores, on the farm and in direct agreement with the family farm.


№4 in 10 Olive oil from Buje
№968 in 1804 Olive oil from Croatia

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Olive oil



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Portoroška 15, Plovanija


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