Vestar Beach


Vestar Beach is located in the camp with the same name, 5 km from Rovinj. It is extremely clean and tidy and for that reason it received the Blue Flag award. It offers a lot of facilities in the immediate vicinity, restaurants and a sports center with the possibility of renting pedal boats, jet skis and the like.
It stretches 700 m along the coast and is children favorite because of the extremely sandy part of the sea.

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(4 reviews)
The evening walk along Dubna beach is indeed worth trying. Dubna beach is great for walking: you can go on the cliffs above the beach and on the beach itself. The beach is well maintained by the local authorities. The washrooms are also well kept. I indeed enjoyed my stay two night camp there.
Whoever gave it the blue flag award definitely did not go wrong. The beach is clean and tidy and it had an extremely sandy section where it became a favorite spot for my kids. The place is just but a hit!
A weekend with my family and our children playing around making some sand castles. It was definitely worth the time and recharge.The restaurants and the available sports centre were also a great bonus because we all know the convenience of going to the beach having a nearby place to eat is all one can ask for.Fulfilling is all I can say.
very good!!!
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