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Villas Rubin Beach is 3 km from Rovinj and stretches along the 1.5 km long coast. Although it is located within the autocamp, it is accessible to everyone. It is mostly pebble and is suitable for children. It is surrounded by numerous restaurants as well as sports centers, diving clubs and volleyball and other courts.

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The presence of the diving clubs made it even more fun for me and my friends. Beach Villas Rubin is easily accessible for everyone even the children and the fact that it even had pebbles was a place worth paying a visit.
Beach Villas Rubin is a great beach. The beach floor has small rounded pebbles which children can play with. Lots of activities going on. Restaurant in the vicinity serves good food and takes reservations and take away too. I send a weekend with my family and enjoyed it a lot. We will definitely come back for a week long staycation.
Beach Villas Rubin was a fun to visit with my family and just have some catching up. It was suitable for playing some volleyball games and creating the scenes of competition against each other. The variety of restaurants was also a bonus and the people there were more than welcoming.
very good!!!
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