St. Paul Beach


Sveti Pavao beach is located about ten kilometers from the city of Rovinj and is an idyllic place for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The beach is adorned with clear sea, beautiful small pebbles but also the nearby shade for a break from the sun. Also, there is an excellent Istrian restaurant where you can taste local specialties or enjoy a glass of premium Istrian wine in one of the coffee bars.


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My friends and I spent our last vacation here and it was a lot of fun. The sea is clear and there are very relaxing shades of tall trees. The calmness and peacefulness of this beach is really worth the visit.
It was a nice experience visiting the beach and also be able to enjoy local food from the nearby restaurant while enjoying the breathtaking beautiful view of the beach
It's very clean, not much populated, pebbly beach which is good for swimming and so much more. It has also platforms which provide shade for those who want to escape the hot weather.
very good!!!
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