St. Katarina/ St. Catherine Island Beach


This beach is located on the Rovinj island of St. Katarina, which can only be reached by a hotel ferry or a private boat. The beach is part of the hotel, it is natural, rocky.
Restaurants and bars are nearby. In the immediate vicinity, on the other side of the island, well-known rocks are located, such as the Golden, the Silver and the Bronze Rock. These are high rocks – they reach a height of up to 15 meters and extend to 3 meters into the sea.

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public beach



Place Location

otok sv.Katarine, Rovinj


(6 reviews)
My boyfriend and I reached there by boat that evening. We took took some delicious meals served by welcoming staff. It was fun.
As a lover of nature i loved seeing the three rocks that were in the immediate vicinity and made me really want to engage in rock climbing since they were high enough. We reached on this beach by a private boat from the hotel and the island is breathtaking.
We had to use a hotel ferry to get to this amazing and beautiful beach. St Katarina is as amazing as the name. Blue waters, with the rocky and pebble terrain make it so amazing. The hotel Is classy and definitely worth every single amount paid. amazing foods and drinks are served at the restaurants and bars. The view is also quite eye catching and the trees surrounding the area make it even more natural.
Beautiful natural rocky beaches that we had the opportunity to visit with my fiance. Private and didn't have many people at the beach as the views were amazing and the boat cruise to the beach was superb. The restaurants and beach bars had a lot of delicious well prepared meals and drinks for refreshments and the trip was a success.
We bought wines the next day as we started our tour in that natural scenery. We engage ourselves in swimming which rejuvenated our love. I will tag along my kid next holiday.
very good!!!
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