Church of the Holy Cross


This small stone church was built in the 14th century and is located in a small alley bordered by houses. According to legend, a sarcophagus with the body of St. Euphemia was found near this church, who was a Christian martyr, today the patron saint of the city of Rovinj. Mostly empty today, this beautiful building exudes romance and gives a special note of a return to antiquity and history.

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Our stay in the afternoon in this little church was fantastic. The position of the windows and the angle of incidence of light of the church, the sun rays dazzle it's rays in here with its orange rays making the place magnificent. The Church is one of the symbols of the city of Nin. I was delighted to learn of the history about this church, how it served as the court chapel of the nearby duke's court . The tour here remains unforgettable. Will definitely come back
This Pre-Romanesque church is quite small and ancient but its in perfect condition. The quietness of this place was astonishing. It is one of the smallest cathedrals in the world. I was surprised by its architectural design which in turn acts as a speed dial.
The Church has amazing statues that are of the several former saints and i loved the amazing look of the statues. My trip to the church was worth the visit and i enjoyed the sight of the religious architectural structure that is perplexing. The ancient touch of the building is wonderful and the exhibits that are placed in the church are superb. They show a range of wonderful religious and fine arts. The rich historical story of the church is stunning and amazing to learn about.
I enjoyed the unique and beautiful architectural style . It made me appreciate more the work of architects. The Church has amazing features which provide a good spot for photoshoots . We took pictures of the place and they were beautiful. Despite being old, the design of the church brings out the divinity of the church .It was delighted by the Gothic style of the church.
very good!!!
The most fascinating thing about this church is it serves as a calendar. The position of the windows was used to determine the equinox and solstice by the sun rays. This church is quite old but it divinity still stands out. There are several statues of various saints in this church.
When we visited the place the first thing that caught my eyes was the architectural structure that the church has. It is small but has some precious monuments with an ancient touch that makes it unique.The church has some amazing history that dates back in time and makes it interesting to learn from. It was an amazing experience and i would recommend it to anybody
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