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Eco Museum Rovinj "Batana House" is dedicated to the batana fishing boat and the local community that chose it as its symbol. Batana is the most widespread traditional vessel in Rovinj, and the aim of the museum is to present it as a living bearer of coastal tradition. -a, this is a unique project of preserving the local maritime culture of Rovinj, based on long-standing respect for tradition.

In addition to visiting the museum, Batana attracts its visitors with various activities, the most popular of which is the launch of Batana into the sea and the Rovinj regatta, which has been traditionally held since 2005. Visitors to the museum can also enjoy educational activities, a trip on a batana boat, and fun and educational workshops are organized for the youngest ones.

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Obala Pina Budicina 2, 52210, Rovinj


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