Rovinj City Clock


This clock is a beautiful remnant of the Venetian past. It is just one of the many attractions in the center of this beautiful old town. Located on Rovinj Square - Marshal Tito Square, this tower was once a tower located on the southern corner of the old city walls.
Originally built in the 12th century, the Rovinj tower has been upgraded several times and contains a 14th century clock located in the red tower, which is the tallest building on the square.
Since it is one of the highest points of Rovinj (apart from the church of St. Euphemia), the Rovinj tower is an amazing place to take beautiful photography.

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very good!!!
Everything in Rovinj is beautiful, and so is this watch. I can't imagine this square without them
The City clock is an intriguing attraction symbol to visitors. The Rovinj tower offered a good spot for us to take pictures. We enjoyed biking around the tower. The view of the city from the tower is magnificent. I loved it here.
It was fascinating to learn that the clock was a remnant of the Venetian past. The watch is beautiful with a distinguishing Venetian lion feature. The clock is has wonderful colors, it depicts a marvelous work of art. It made me fall in love and appreciate art more. I loved it here.
The clock tower is a beautiful structure. It shows the venetian past. It is the tallest building within the vicinity. It is located near a square with numerous shops where one can shop for various items. This tower is quite a historical landmark.
It has a late Renaissance style. It was built in the 12th century. This clock stands out. It is a famous spot for taking photos. I enjoyed strolling around it. It was a fun memorable moment.
I went on a tour to Rovinj city and the first place that i visited was the clock and it was remarkable. Unique clock on a tower that is centrally placed at the amazing square and the landmark was phenomenal. The distinguishing place is beautiful and picturesque place with a historical background. I would recommend a visit to the place and get the chance to see the marvel things that the place has to offer.
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