Church of St. Euphemia


Euphemia was a girl from Greece, in the 3rd century, who converted to Christianity. According to the old belief, she became a martyr of the emperor Diocletian because she preached a faith that was not accepted at the time. Encouraged by this, Diocletian threw her among the lions at the mercy of her, but she was saved by the descent of an angel from heaven, without a single bite. Because of this miracle, she was called a saint and martyr of Christianity. Her relics were kept in different countries at different times. This is the second legend of a miracle, from the 18th century, which tells us how her heavy stone sarcophagus, together with relics, sailed from Constantinople to the city of Rovinj, where its inhabitants dragged it with animals to the site of the then church of St. George, which became the temple of Euphremia and the eternal resting place. Saint Euphemia is also the patron saint of the city of Rovinj, whose day is celebrated on September 16. Many visitors come to Rovinj just then, on a holy pilgrimage to pay their respects.

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Trg Sv. Eufemije, 52210, Rovinj


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The art work at the church was eye catching with great imaginations from the artist. I loved staring at the walls of the paintings and mosaics. The environment at the church was spectacular that showed the wonderful landscape of the area. The church building was beautiful and had a tower that we climbed up and enjoyed the breathtaking views. A place worth the visit.
As a firm believer i went on a holy pilgrimage to pay their respect. I was amused to learn the history of a girl who became a martyr because she preached a faith that was not acceptable at that time. It was thrilling to witness how congregants were dedicated in honoring their beliefs and culture. Personally, i enjoyed looking at the beautiful artwork. It was an incredible experience.
This baroque church is located on a hill and has a magnificent interior. I loved seeing its ancient Roman paintings and statues that date back to the 15th century. This church contains the relics of St. Euphemia. The statue of St. Euphemia is located at the top of the tower. The peace and quietness of this place was just fascinating.
Nice architectural building of the church and we toured around and enjoyed the beautiful art work and the the tower was amazing with awesome views of the city. We also walked at the park around the church. Fabulous day it was.
Very beautiful church, it offers the highest views in the town and is surrounded by a park where i was able to sit and relax and take photos.
I was able to climb the stairs to the bell tower and view the city. I enjoyed viewing the mosaics and paintings in this church.
Attending the celebrations of St. Euphemia held in this church lighted a traditional and cultural spark within me. I was awed witnessing how the congregants were dedicated in honoring their beliefs and culture.
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