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Shkaraba beach in Rovinj is located in the Zlatni rt Forest Park and is surrounded by a dense pine forest, full of pleasant shade and places for relaxation and recreation. If you rent an apartment, room or holiday home in Rovinj, you will find Škaraba 3 kilometers outside the center of Rovinj. You can reach it on foot, by a pleasant walk of about 30 minutes, or by car, which you will be able to park outside the Forest Park. So hiking doesn’t kill you, but the effort pays off as the beach offers a magical belt of sand, surrounded by flat rocks to enjoy achieving a tan. There are no additional facilities here, so bring plenty of fluids for long-term enjoyment of the joys of the sea. Shkaraba is not marked as a nudist beach, but it has a naturist, so it is not a place for children, but it offers peace that is hard to find on other Rovinj beaches.

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This sandy beach is surrounded by a desnse pine forest thatoffers natural shades and a rokcy section to get your tan on. I enjoyed the 30 minute walk and as you get to this peaceful beach you just know the hike to this place was worth it. It has no additional facilities so it is best to pack refreshments for an enjoymnet her, a place for adults and not fo kids.
This beach is definitely worth your time and money. From the peace offered at this place to the view, is something to always be craving for. I also loved the fact that shcaraba beach is easily accessible even by means of foot.
I loved the serenity and tranquility in this location. The beautiful pine trees surrounding the beach offered natural shade and relaxation points during my vacation. My fiance and I enjoyed numerous romantic evenings strolling around the beach.
very good!!!
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