Maskin Beach


Another Rovinj oasis of freedom awaits couples. Discover the island of Mashkin opposite Rovinj, connected to the islet St. Andrew via artificial means. The two form an inseparable pair of islands, commonly referred to as Crveni otok (the Red Island). The rocky coastline, gorgeous greenery and silence disturbed only by waves make Mashkin an ideal destination for a couple’s afternoon trip. Learn about the boat schedule to St. Andrew's, then head for the Mashkin. 

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I rate it five stars because of the privacy experienced while hanging out with your partner. The green scenery surrounding the beach with the beautiful birds chirps provided a peaceful aura while hanging out with wife on a sunday afternoon.
I took my girlfriend here for a trip last summer. The romantic atmosphere was what we really wanted mostly the afternoons. We loved our stay here.
I loved the quietness of the place. The sound of the waves as they strike the rocks was relaxing. Visited there with my girlfriend for an evening chill while watching the sunset and the experience was great.
very good!!!
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