Cuvi Beach


Cuvi Beach is an excellent public beach in the southeast of Rovinj. The sea here is clean, clear and amazingly blue, thick pine trees that shade the beach lure you to rest in their shade, and there are several cafes on the beach where you can relax with afternoon coffee. or a glass of wine.

A short walk to the right of Cuvi, say 5-8 minutes, takes you to an area with a beach that at first glance seems to belong to Villa Rubin. It is actually public, but the resort offers many facilities and amenities for tourists: there is a public toilet, a shower with cold water and deck chairs for rent.

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During our last class trip, we suggested a visit to the Cuvi beach and I can greatly tell it was the best decision we ever made. The view from a far was captivating and the water was clear-clean with a touch of blue.
This public beach was quite engaging. Though it doesn't have any sports available,I enjoyed some peace and quiet with some afternoon coffee and a very calming shade with cool breeze from the beautiful blue water. It was an amazing place to have some 'me' time.
Ever since I took my children to this place they have never stop asking me to take them back. the beach is a child friendly place where the children can play with the many installations by the local authorities. in addition the beach if small pebbles formation making it just wonderful for my stone collection.
very good!!!
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