Porton Biondi Beach


This beach is a combination of concrete and pebble. The view from it extends to the city center and in the immediate vicinity there are bars, restaurants, pedal boats, deck chairs rentals and offer of other sports.
Biondi Beach is a public beach that also has grassy areas for a pleasant stay.

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(7 reviews)
I visited a few restaurants and the bar spots at the beach and it was amazing tasting the wide range of delicacies and drinks that they had to offer. Freshly cooked seafood was among my best choice of food and the wines was superb. Wonderful services and the waitress were hospitable too.
The experience at the beach was fantastic as we enjoyed the sea views and got the pedal boat with my fiance. Lovely time as we pedaled across the sea and the sound of the sea was exceptional.
The pebble and concrete beach was a great destination to visit with my family and had a lot of sporting activity that we enjoyed at the time. Rented few stuff and loved playing volleyball at the beach. Also rented deck chair for resting and umbrellas for shade and it was therapeutic.
The public beach was fitted with grassy areas that gave us a pleasant stay. There are spectacular views of the city and its vicinity from the beach. I loved it here.
We rented the deck chairs to relax and also enjoy breathtaking fresh air gasps as we watched the busy beach. There are bars and restaurants around with a wide selection of both drinks and foods. Everything offered here is of top quality.
We had an exquisite boat cruise with my friends, it was the best way to explore to the beach and its vicinity. We also involved ourselves in a number of sports activities that were engaging and involving. Good place for team building activities.
very good!!!
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