Palud Bay


Palud Bay is located 8 kilometers southwest of the town of Rovinj, and today is the only ornithological park in Istria. Water from neighboring hills and valleys, as well as northern side springs, intertwines, thus turning this natural depression near the sea into a unique swamp.

During the existence of the Austro-Hungarian military base in Barbariga, a 200 m long canal was dug all the way to the sea in order to prevent the development of mosquito larvae, i.e. malaria vectors. Connecting the sea and the swamp, Palud has attracted new inhabitants such as gray mullet and eel, species that love brackish water. The diversity of migratory bird species is the most important feature of this swamp. Ornithologists have noticed the stay of over 200 species of birds on Palud. Numerous spring and autumn migrations are an excellent opportunity to observe them. As the park is forbidden to hunters, it is rich in pheasants, partridges and quails. The northern part of Palud hides a real rainforest, and seagulls nest on its small islands. Along the arranged trail there is an observation point that facilitates the unobstructed observation of birds in their natural environment and their behavior during feeding, nesting or resting.

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(15 reviews)
it was so exciting to spot the speckled flamingo , other than that there are so many bird species that i felt overwhelmed and excited. Great place to pass your day if you love birds. Will recommend the palud ornithological reserve to bird watchers
The view of this beach was breathtaking. It is a great spot to watch birds. There were different species of migratory birds which are as a result of the swamp. I really enjoyed just sitting on the rocky beach and enjoying the scenery seeing the beach.
We visited the bay with my fiancee that had a variety of bird species. We enjoyed bird watching as they flew in and out of the water body. There were many species ranging from flamingoes to other major birds. We had the opportunity to go for boat ride and the experience was unique. The tour guide wa joyful and fun to cruise with. He was informative and slipped in some jokes that kept us entertained through the cruise not forgetting the amazing views that the landscape has to offer and the turquoise waters at the bay. Going to the beach i wouldn't miss to swim and the experience at the sandy beaches of Palud bay is therapeutic and would recommend a visit to the place for anyone.
very good!!!
The colourful marine and sea creatures are an eye catcher. My kids loved taking photos of the different species of the marine fish. The most fascinating item was the spectacular view of the sunset. I was awed by the different species of birds especially the specked flamingo. We enjoyed relaxing at the sandy beaches as we tasted the delicious cuisines of the Croatian dishes served by polite, friendly staffs.
We visited the Bay and had the opportunity to visit the observation trail and enjoyed the diverse range of fauna that inhabit the place. We also enjoyed a tour on the trail with the help of the guide and learned as well as saw different species of birds. The Palud Bay has an attractive look and the view of the landscape is completely superb.
We enjoyed the boat cruise round the bay and the view of the flora and fauna was spectacular.
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