Beach Camp Mon Perin


The beach of Camp Mon Perin is 9 kilometers long and stretches through 2 more camps - Colone and San Polo. The beach is pebble and rocky and a small part of the beach is nudist. Pets are allowed on some parts of the beach. From the facilities on the beach there are deck chairs, umbrellas, showers and changing cabins and from the catering offer there are several bars and restaurants. You can also find additional facilities at the Colone and San Polo campsites.

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public beach



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Predio Longher bb, 52211, Bale


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My dog, Carl, and I had a fun time playing in this beautiful location. We played hide and seek, and fetch. and many other games until he got tired. I enjoyed vacationing with my fur baby and am thankful for the convenience found in this location.
My first time to visit this beach was seven years ago and the memory is still vivid in my mind. The sea was turquoise blue with a paint of green and the availability of the pine trees created a cooling breeze.
My friends and I loved how this beach had a lovely semicircular coastline, the beach is made of fine pebbles and stones suitable for sunbathing.On the beach there is a fishing pier from which children like to jump. The entrance to the sea is gentle, convenient and very shallow.. There is no natural shade, extra facilities on the beach
very good!!!
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