The Fantasia quarry


Near the center of Rovinj, in Monfiorenzo, is The Fantasia quarry, a geological park of exceptional beauty and importance. According to experts, many scientists are one of the most important natural monuments in the world in the perspective of karst phenomena.

The limestone from the quarry, like the open pages of books, illustrates the history of the evolution of the earth’s crust. Various layers testify to the existence of fossilized meadows consisting of seaweeds, covered with limestone, silt, deposited on the shore by strong currents over the last 130 million years. The Fantasia quarry will carefully reveal to each visitor a considerably large number of furrows made of layers of black-and-white dolomite. The lower part of these stone layers is formed below sea level, while the upper part is the result of low tide. This is a place of historical importance, and is especially recommended for geology lovers who will simply enjoy it here.

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Place Location

Naselje Monfiorenzo 73, 52210, Rovinj


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