There are over 300 Bronze Age forts in Istria, of which Monkodonja is one of the most impressive. Not only because of the great location and massive defensive walls, but also the careful interpretive panels that really help you imagine what it was like when it was inhabited. Monkodonja means Quince Hill, or 'where quinces thrive' in the local dialect, but, although the name has been preserved, they cannot be found there today. At the time of its heyday (c. 2000-1200 BC) the city had two rings of defensive walls, built of stone blocks carved from the top of the mountain, to make a flat surface. On three levels the city was divided into the Acropolis (top and center), surrounded by a solid stone wall, then the upper and lower city, all surrounded by magnificent outer fortifications. During your visit to this magical place you are free to imagine what it was like in ancient times, 3,000 years ago. The sympathetic restoration work on some of the walls is truly beautiful, as are the wooden pillars that show how and where the shelters were built, and the view from the plain to the blue sea is breathtaking.

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