Split's Riva ( Promenade )


Split's Riva ( Promenade ) began to take its present form two centuries ago, when the French ruled these areas in the time of Napoleon, at the hands of Marshal Marmont.
To this day, this promenade has become the city's living room, the most popular and most important public space in Split. In the meantime, its appearance was changed several times, but it was always marked by the spectacular scenery provided by the southern facade of Diocletian's Palace, with the entrance to the Cellars, and later erected buildings west of the Palace, then the Franciscan monastery with the Church of St. Francis, and Bajamonti Deskovic and Lucka captaincy at the eastern end.
Today's Riva is a walking paradise, adorned with an uninterrupted number of cafes and restaurants, an ideal place to drink morning or afternoon coffee, or for an evening out and hanging out with friends over a drink.
It is the stage of Split's city life, numerous cultural and entertainment events are held on it, Split welcomed its athletes after countless great successes, such as Goran Ivanishevich, players of Hajduk and Jugoplastika, Olympians ... Riva is also a political forum, for decades it depicts the political circumstances in which Split exists through mass gatherings. Of course, Riva gets its most beautiful clothes for Sudamje, a festival dedicated to Saint Dujam, the patron saint of Split.

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Nice little place with several spots for entertainment mostly during summer. We went on a walk around the area and loved the view of the place with restaurants, open markets and awesome people with rich heritage.
We went cycling along the sea and the experience was wonderful with the cool breeze and sight of the sea.
Beautiful accommodations at the place with quality facilities and splendorous services that I enjoyed and felt comfortable.
You will really love this place, it has a fine arrangement of palm trees in the square, the boat rides and waters were exceptional. My girlfriend and i enjoyed the night bike rides as well.
The numerous cafes and restaurants present in this location offer the most beautiful and scrumtious meals. My sister and I had much fun sampling the different meals.
We loved our trip to the Split Riva and had a blast! With amazing views of the ocean, great shops and restaurants, we spent hours exploring and sitting enjoying the atmosphere. The architecture is beautiful and everywhere you look there are things to see.
Strolling along this river was therapeutic. I came across several major landmarks
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