A Guide for a One Day Trip to Split


Split is the largest city in Dalmatia and its economic and cultural center. It is a city of extremely interesting history. The founding of today's Split is related to the desire of the Roman emperor Diocletian to build a magnificent palace here in his homeland, which he would enjoy in the old days. The palace has become a city within a city over the centuries. Walking through the streets of the palace you will witness incredibly interesting changes of styles over time. Today, Split is a modern tourist center, with excellent cultural and gastronomic offers. To spend your day in Split in the best possible way, read the guide below.

1. Diocletian's Palace - Diocletian's Palace in Split is one of the main sights of Croatia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a fascinating place to explore. If, however, you think of a palace like Versailles, think again because this palace is actually more like a city within a city. The Roman emperor Diocletian decided to build a palace for the peaceful days of old age in his homeland. The construction began in 295 and for ten years he supervised the extraction of stone from neighboring Brac and the construction of the palace.

2. Cathedral of St. Domnius - Among European cathedrals, Split has the oldest building - the mausoleum of the Roman emperor Diocletian. In it, history reconciles pagan ancient, Christian medieval and modern heritage. The mausoleum of the emperor-persecutor of Christians became a cathedral in the middle of the 7th century.

3. Dvor Restaurant – Dvor Restaurant is located in the Firule district of Split, in an intimate environment and with a beautiful view of the sea and the islands of Brac and Solta. The menu consists of traditional Dalmatian dishes, with the addition of international cuisine. The menu changes seasonally, so in the warmer part of the year, the emphasis is on seafood specialties, and in autumn and winter on continental foods. The wine list offers a quality selection of Croatian wines.

4. Riva - Split waterfront, known as Riva, is the city's living room, the most popular and most important public space in Split. Its appearance has been changed several times, but it has always been marked by the spectacular scenery provided by the south facade of Diocletian's Palace. Today's Riva is a pedestrian paradise, adorned with an uninterrupted number of cafes and restaurants, an ideal place to drink morning or afternoon coffee, or for an evening out and hanging out with friends over a drink.

5. Bacvice Beach - Bacvice Beach is a legendary beach in Split and you should definitely visit it during your stay in Split. It is the main city beach, in fact, a natural phenomenon - a sandy beach in the heart of a big city. Bacvice is the place where the game Picigin originated. Picigin is a game with a ball in the shallow sea, and it has gained so much popularity throughout Dalmatia that it has even been declared a cultural heritage.

6. Fruit Square - There are several important sights in this small square that flourishes with life in cafes, restaurants and exclusive shops, and where fairs are often held. The largest is certainly the octagonal Venetian tower, the remnant of a former fortress, built in the 15th century to defend the then small town. Opposite the tower is the magnificent palace of the old Milesi family from the 17th century with a spectacular baroque facade, one of the best examples of this style in all of Dalmatia.

7. Veli Varos - Veli Varos abounds in excellently preserved folk architecture and original folk ambiences. Veli Varos should be walked slowly uphill, in order to notice the remaining play of stones in its steep alleys and to absorb the impression of looking at the roofs around it.

8. Pazar - Pazar, the Split market is one of the liveliest places in the city and a great opportunity to get to know the local spirit of Split. It is located right next to the east wall of Diocletian's Palace and is therefore easy to include in a walk around the city. The market offers a really diverse offer of fruits, vegetables, spices, souvenirs... Anything can be found here! The whole place is full of colors, smells and tastes of the Mediterranean, and is accompanied by bargaining and shouting. This is Split as the locals know it.

9. Restaurant Corto Maltese - Restaurant Corto Maltese is located in the heart of Split, on one of the streets of Diocletian's Palace. This is a special place, which is equally loved by locals and foreign tourists. The menu consists of innovative meat and fish specialties, and each dish has a very creative name. Above the restaurant is a facility where they make their own pasta, bread, jams, cakes, and other necessary ingredients. The kitchen is open, so you can take a peek and see how your food is being prepared.

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I came across Split while searching for places to visit in Croatia. This guide was helpful as it provided a lot of information, including photos and video, so that I could get an idea of the place before heading there. Since this was my first trip to Croatia, I had a lot of questions and their FAQ section was very useful.
Thanks to the guide for indicating that Dvor Restaurant emphasizes on seafood specialities . We were during the winter season, we ordered continental foods as the guide suggested and we were not disappointed by our selection. Also, thanks to the guide for directing us to a place we can take morning or afternoon coffee.
We took our afternoon coffee at Riva as suggested by the guide. True to the guide, Riva is where you meet people of different walks. Thank You to the guide for directing usto Restaurant Corto Maltese where the menu is rich in meat and fish specialities.
very good!!!
We visited Riva for an evening out and enjoyed a drink with my friends . Diocletian's Palace was heavenly for us, and true to the guide it is a city within a city. An oasis of peace to refresh my body , soul and minds.
Krk National Park is quite famous. I did not know what to expect until i read the guide. It contained all the attraction sites and restaurants within the park. This guide really simplifed my decision making. I even knew where to eat and what to order.
The outstanding guide laid all the locations we toured on that day. We visited the Dvor Restaurant where we were served with a range of food and drinks. The view here was thrilling.