Procurative (Republic Square)


Prokurative (Republic Square) is a large square located west of the Riva that resembles the Venetian St. Mark's Square and which is surrounded on three sides by Neo-Renaissance buildings with arches after which the square got its distinctive name. The square is open only to the south, offering a beautiful view ports and waterfront.
The construction of Prokurative was initiated in the middle of the 19th century by one of the most famous mayors in the history of the city, Antonio Bajamonti, who wanted to show that Split relied on Italian traditions with all its being. Hence the colonnade like the Venetian one, and the reliefs above the windows that evoke ancient and renaissance influences. Bajamonti also built his large theater in the square, destroyed in a fire.
The square has long been established as an excellent stage for cultural events, especially the festival of popular music, and the local cafes and restaurants have turned it into a popular gathering place for the local people of Split. An integral part of Prokurative is the plateau south of them, on which stood a large neoclassical fountain until 1947, which was destroyed by the communist authorities due to its alleged connection with the Italian authorities in Split and Dalmatia.

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very good!!!
This was my favorite square, every morning we went there with a friend for a cup of coffee, with a beautiful view of the sea. Doves are walking around, the atmosphere is like in Italy
A beautiful square with red houses around, with a wonderful view of the sea and the promenade
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