Marmont Street


Although a conqueror, Napoleon's Marshal Marmont was responsible for the urbanization of Dalmatian cities, so the people of Split in turn kept him by name in the most beautiful street in Split. Marmontova Street is not only beautiful but also historically meaningful. In 1922, a library and reading room for Francophiles was founded in it, today the Alliance Francaise. It also houses the first Karaman cinema in Split. It also houses the beautiful Art Nouveau buildings Duplanchich and Tonchich, while its northern part, through the Venetian bastion, looks into the architecture of the theater and the church of Our Lady of Health. It also has two perhaps the most popular exhibition spaces in the city, Salon Galich and Galerija galerija, from which street one enters Prokurative through several passages. From the waterfront to the top of Marmontova, there are numerous shops, turning the street into the most important shopping oasis in the city center, and several popular cafes and restaurants are crowded at the top.

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